5 Essential Multivitamin Brands That We Trust For Our Babies

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Check out these five immunity-boosting multivitamin brands that we trust for our two children.

Multivitamin supplements are essential in keeping our children’s health, most especially their immunity, in tiptop condition. If you read articles about multivitamin supplements over the internet, there are diverse and mostly opposing opinions over its use.

Some parents would say that giving supplements to children is not necessary because these little ones can get the essential vitamins and nutrients from the food they eat. Others, however, would advise giving their children vitamin syrups because, well, there’s really no harm when it comes to providing some extra health boost to kids especially now that there is a pandemic.

Why give multivitamins to kids?

For Khris and I, we choose to give multivitamin supplements to our two children because we have seen the benefits of doing so. They rarely get sick, and if they do, it’s usually just minor allergies or low-grade fever. More importantly, they recover easily from their sickness.

Let’s face it, no matter how nutritious and delicious we prepare our kids’ meals, there is no guarantee that they will eat it.

Plus, we cannot force our children to eat everything that we prepare for them, they will not give in, anyway. So, we give them what they like to eat, with some restrictions of course, instead of being iron-fisted and letting them go hungry.

This is where the benefits of multivitamin supplements come in. Whatever nutrients they might miss from not eating properly, they get it from their vitamin syrups and milk.

Of course, before giving anything to our children, we seek the advice of their pediatrician. She was the one who told us that vitamin supplements are essential to complement their diet. Our pediatrician was also the one who recommended the current multivitamin brands that we are using.

Yes, you should also consult your pediatrician before giving anything to your children, no matter how safe and harmless they sound.

The brands that we trust

These are the five children’s multivitamin brands that we love because we have seen how effective they were for our children. They are loaded with nutrients that are right for their age, so we are assured that our kids are getting their recommended daily allowance of the essential elements.

1. Scott’s Emulsion Cod Liver Oil

What we like about Scott’s Emulsion Cod Liver Oil is rich in Omega 3. This is an essential fatty acid that has DHA & EPA, two components that are well-known for supporting brain development and function. Moreover, it also works well in protecting against infection.

Vitamin A is recognized as a vital component in eye and vision health while Vitamin D further boosts healthy immune function. Together, these two vitamins support the growth and development of children.

2. Cherifer Immuno Max for Kids

Our firstborn used to have frequent allergic rhinitis attacks when he was less than a year old. We were blaming the poor ventilation at our condo for it. However, our pediatrician pointed out that frequent allergies can be a manifestation of low immune function.

That was when she recommended that we try Cherifer Immuno Max for Kids. This is a brand that we all know of because of those commercials that feature kids who grow tall from taking Cherifer. Well, that’s because of the Chlorella Growth Factor component in Cherifer.

However, the Cherifer Immuno Max variant has CM Glucan, an ingredient that is known for boosting the immune system against allergies. What’s also good about this product is the B-Vitamins it contains; these are important for healthy metabolism and growth.

3. Ceelin Plus

This is a Vitamin C supplement that we give separately to both our kids, who both enjoy its orange flavor.

Our pediatrician recommended that we give a separate ascorbic acid supplements to ensure its efficacy.

4. Tiki-Tiki Plus

This is our second baby’s multivitamin supplement. Tiki-Tiki Plus is another kiddie vitamin supplement brand that we Pinoys are most familiar with. It’s been in the market for ages and probably because of the trust it earned from consumers.

I guess many parents (and even grandparents) will attest to its effectiveness in boosting the general health and wellness of young children.

5. Folart

We give Folart drops (folic acid), an anti-anemia supplement, to our little one to ensure that his blood his healthy and well. It was prescribed to him because he was born prematurely by a week so he was small and underweight.

However, our pediatrician advised that we continue giving it to him because it will keep him strong as he grows bigger.


Those are the five multivitamin supplement brands that we trust for our children. These are easily accessible and can be bought from your local drugstore either over-the-counter or with a prescription.

Even so, do not forget the importance of a good, nutritious, and healthy diet for growing children. That should be their main source of important nutrients.

Lastly, a word of caution again. Always consult your pediatrician before giving any supplements in whichever form to your children.

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