North Park: a feast of delicious Chinese food

North Park comes highly-recommended for those who are craving for delicious and top quality Chinese food. North Park is my go to restaurant if I want something that’s better and more substantial than Chowking.

What I like most in North Park is the Lechon Macau. It is deep fried pork served with fried rice and steamed Chinese cabbage. The pork skin, served really crispy and flavorful, is very hard to resist! It comes with a thick tangy-sweet sauce but I like dipping the meat in spicy calamansi (Philippine lime) with soy sauce. It’s hard to resist having this Lechon Macau with a lot of rice.

For vegetables, my favorite is the broccoli with three kinds of mushrooms. The broccoli is always served freshly steamed so they arrived perfectly crunchy. The vegetables also taste fresh and slightly sweet; it does not taste bitter or grass-like. It can be had as a main dish if you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet or a side dish. I like ordering this as a side dish with Lechon Macau or dim sum. It is also served with a slightly sweet sauce but I like to dip the steamed broccoli in my soy-calamansi sauce.

Another must-try dish at North Park is the steamed dumplings, particularly Hakaw and Siomai. The meat is tender and it smells fresh unlike other similar varieties that are slightly off-smelling. These can also be had as main dishes and eaten with either steamed or yang chow fried rice. If you do love dimsum, then you should definitely add North Park’s kikiam in your list.

My meal at North Park would not be complete without a steaming bowl of noodle soup. I usually either have wanton noodle soup or shrimp dumplings noodle soup with Hong Kong noodles. As a tip, you can always ask for additional soup for your noodles at no cost.

However, among their offerings, the Pork Spare Ribs needs a little improvement as the breading is too thick, which makes it a little dry and tough. Other than that, the Pork Spare Ribs is delicious and is also a filling meal.

Our verdict

All in all, food is good, service is fast, and the servers are very attentive. Price is around P700 for two people, which is reasonable enough for occasional indulgences.

North Park’s Branches

North Park is located at the following addresses. You may also get in touch with the individual branches via the telephone number listed beside the address.

*branch list from

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